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S21 or S30 will have three versions

A few days ago, insider JonProsser revealed on Twitter that the Galaxy S30 will be released on January 14 next year and will go on sale on January 29. But this famous revealer does not seem to be accurate every time. His latest prediction stated that Apple will hold a new product launch conference on November 17, but unexpectedly, according to the latest reports, Apple’s November The conference will be held on the 11th. If it is to take advantage of Huawei’s predicament to boycott Apple, even if Samsung releases the Galaxy S30 in advance, it will be at the end of January next year.New samsung galaxy S21 or S30 will have three versions

Next year’s Galaxy S30 series may continue the previous generation, launching the Galaxy S30 Ultra version. But the latest rumors say that in addition to the standard version and the Ultra version, perhaps the Galaxy S30 will also launch Plus. According to the previously exposed pictures, we can find some subtle gaps between them.

The previously revealed Galaxy S30 is a mobile phone that can be operated with one hand, equipped with a 6.2-inch perforated screen. This model is most likely a standard version with a rear three-camera camera.

New samsung galaxy S21 or S30 will have three versions

The Plus version does not have a complete rendering map, only a concept map. We can guess that it has the same configuration as the standard version, but with a larger screen.

The Galaxy S30 Ultra version may be equipped with the previously announced 6.7 to 6.9-inch perforated screen and a rear four-camera camera. In addition, the latest pictures show that the Ultra version may have five cameras.  

 It is more certain that the Galaxy S30 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 875 processor, which will definitely be included in the new models next year. At the same time, the Galaxy S30 equipped with the independently developed Exynos processor will also be launched. As a flagship machine, the running memory of Galaxy S30 should not be less than 12GB, and the storage space should not be less than 128GB. 1440P display resolution and 120HZ screen refresh rate will also be equipped.

In terms of battery capacity, the standard version of the Galaxy S30 may be 4000 mAh, the Galaxy S30 Plus version is 4500 to 4800 mAh, and the Galaxy S30 Ultra version is 5000 mAh. The mobile phones currently on the market are almost all of this specification, even if there are changes, they are almost the same. The fast charge may be the same as the OnePlus 8T, equipped with 65W fast charge. We may not see the 120W fast charge so soon.

New samsung galaxy S21 or S30 will have three versions

In terms of cameras, Galaxy S30 may not have much change. The Ultra version is equipped with a periscope camera, two long focal length lenses, and a 108MP sensor. The front may also be equipped with a 40MP sensor like the previous generation. It is also worth mentioning that the display Selfie camera technology may not be carried on the Galaxy S30 series, and the subsequent launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be carried.

 Regarding the price, since the launch of the Galaxy S9, Samsung has increased the starting price of new products every year. But the Galaxy S30 may not be the case. Some people strongly recommend that the Galaxy S30 series reduce or maintain the same price as the previous generation. The most reliable statement is that the standard version of the Galaxy S30 will be priced at $999 (approximately 6500 RMB) as the Galaxy S20, while the Plus and Ultra versions have higher prices.

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