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New One Plus 9-specs and features

New One Plus 9. The top of the 2021 range will arrive sooner than expected, which also includes OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro . Code-named ” Lemonade “, the manufacturer is preparing to update its offer to be the top product in the series. He has been talking about this topic for some time. This is not a coincidence. It shows that the distance of the speech is not that far. Therefore, in view of its debut on the market, we decided to collect all the rumors and vulnerabilities published so far. Instead, here you can find all the details about OnePlus 9 Lite that will constitute a triptych.
As expected, the internal codename of the OnePlus 9 series is labeled ” Lemonade .” I’m talking about the series, because for some time now, OnePlus at least let us get used to two versions of its annual flagship.
There are rumors that there may even be three in this round. This hypothesis has been revealed by the facts. OnePlus 9 Lite . However, despite the fact that competitors like Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei have adopted this strategy, they can do nothing about the possible OnePlus 9 Ultra.
From the perspective size, will be from 9 OnePlus 6,55 “Full HD + (2400 X 1080 pixels), a ratio of 20: 9 panel type must be fluid AMOLED support HDR10 +, Gorilla Glass 6 having a protective function, the refresh rate from 120Hz , and only when necessary to retain ownership by the dynamic management. leakage also show puncturing for 3, 8 and 9 Pro, which are 9 mm in diameter. terms of size, OnePlus 9 Pro 9, and a thickness of 8 / 8,5 mm , in both cases with a weight of 200 grams or more . below you will find press render unofficial , published by Roland Quandt online.
Between the rendering (official and unofficial) and the live photo, we can view it from all angles. Let us see that the previous rumors have been confirmed, just like a perforated screen. It seems obvious that we will have to deal with a flat-screen display , and OnePlus 8T .

New One Plus 9

In the back, we see with the new photo module ” overshoot .” It is very similar to the OnePlus 8T, at least in shape and location, at the top left and no longer in the center. Also it differs in that the introduction of the metal ring to prevent scratching of the cover glass.

OnePlus 9 Pro goes from 6,55 inch 6,78 “Quad HD + and more valuable curved screens . One of its features is to use panel LTPO , technology changing refresh rates , and you can find detailed illustrations in In this article . The same company has confirmed the main function of the display via Weibo: it will be a QHD+ (or better 2K+) panel, an OLED LTPO solution with a frequency between XNUMX and XNUMX . . 1 Hz to 120 Hz and 10 active (capable of replicating and up to one billion colors).

most importantly, they perform well 8192 level adjust brightness . In addition, the monitor is rated Type A+ from the team DisplayMate , the authority of the camp.
In fact, OnePlus has confirmed most of the functions caused by leaks. In addition, these details on the display make it very clear to us that we are dealing with a panel “very similar” to our cousin OPPO Find X3 Pro . Not surprisingly, the two companies share the same sector research and development department that they are … part of a similar reality

Another important detail relates to the touch sampling rate , which has not yet been revealed. Pete Lau released a short clip showing the lightning-fast touch performance during the game, Galaxy S21 Ultra .

In addition, for all intolerable curved display . Yes, they are aesthetically great, but in some cases they may feel uncomfortable. This is a fact. Taste is also taste, not everyone likes this type of panel. If you have any worry OnePlus 9 Pro you can sleep peacefully: The following image compares the leak curvature compared with OnePlus 8 Pro, the series of screens reached a new highest level, and therefore seems a long way off. Obviously China may have chosen the house in front , made a less emphasis curve.
Below you will find press render unofficial published by the usual Roland Quint (Roland Quandt), it more closely to us shows the design and color of the new Pro model.

Real-time images have also appeared online: smartphones will be found in the subway and reflect what is seen in official and unofficial renderings, including two larger-sized main sensors, and two additional sensors. Speaking of overall appearance, there are so many with OPPO’s Reno 5 series .
Design similar but not identical, especially with the photographic form , sign here and historians Hasselblad . The sensors are always four, but the arrangement is different, as well as for LED flash, laser autofocus and microphone. Among the outstanding details, there is a different treatment of the side frame, which is narrowed on the physical buttons.

Another feature of OnePlus 9 Pro comes from one of the official trailers released by the company: the flagship store may be the only trailer with waterproof and dustproof features in the family. IP68 certification . As for the 9 and 9 Lite models, there will be no improvements in this regard.
Finally, let’s talk about color , one of the loopholes reveal all variants will be raised. In addition to those glossy blacks and glossy gradient purples that may be limited, OnePlus 9 will offer Astral Black, Arctic Sky and Winter Mist shades. On the other hand, OnePlus 9 Pro will be available in Stellar Black, Forest Green and Morning Mist.
OnePlus 9 9 Pro and will become part of the top products of 2021, based on Snapdragon 888 Qualcomm brand. 5nm SoC should carry a newer CPU with a new core cortex of the X1 DA 2,84 GHz of , and three 78 GHz Cortex-A2,42 core 4 and 55 GHz Cortex-A1,8 core, graphics processing components by the GPU Adreno 330 , and in terms of memory, we should support LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 from 8/128 GB (but not microSD). There will be no shortage of support for 5G thanks to the updated Snapdragon X60 modem, which has mmWave and sub-6 GHz support.
In order to cool the top spirits of this series, we will find an advanced cooling system in which the graphite content is increased by 33% and the steam chamber is increased by 300%. All other materials that can effectively dissipate heat are used. The system is called OnePlus Cool Play, and even in the most exciting game stage, you can wink at gamers by promising cool temperatures.

New One Plus 9

Speaking of drums, the leaker Max Jamborconfirmed” the existence of the battery at 4.500 mAh (dual battery), which is suitable for OnePlus 9 and Pro models. The important details are related to the charger in the package: after the various disputes in the previous issue, at least based on what the leaker reported by responding to user comments, the Chinese company seems to keep the accessories as part of the device.
After some rumors, thanks to the 3C certification, we found that OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will share the same fast charging Warp Charge 65 from 65W . We will also provide you with support for wireless charging (the opposite is also true for accessories), and it should also appear on the basic model for the first time. The difference should be in power, from 30W to OnePlus 9 and later 50W 9 Pro. It is not known whether this is indeed the case, but the company has confirmed the existence of 50W wireless charging , which is a leap compared with the previous 30 Pro’s 8W: According to the company’s report, this new technology can provide sufficient power ( Remember, there will be no wire chaos) in 43 minutes .
The first actual benchmark for the next OnePlus flagship on the platform is coming to Geekbench . As we have seen, the result is encouraging, because it is the model LE2125 (standard), because LE2115 (professional version) puts with excellent results (single 1123/1120, multiplayer 3416/3630) . Confirm my 12 GB RAM’s and chipsets snapdragon 888 (motherboard Lahaina ) for each other.
It will be interesting to evaluate these 9 series of photojournalism, after Lewis’s request . As OnePlus 9 base, it reveals to us the presence of a base three times the camera and OnePlus 8T similar, which are arranged in the upper left corner of the box. There are rumors that Sony’s IMX689 main sensor comes from a 48 MP Binning 4-in-1 pixel and can get 12 MP output. This sensor should be assisted by the wide angle lens DA 20 is the MP and from a telephoto DA 12 is the MP and the OIS.
As for photography OnePlus 9 Pro , the smart phone will be equipped with a four camera , also revealed by the same company. We don’t have some information about the specifications of the sensors used, but various rumors have emerged. In fact, it is certain that we will not review the disputed sensor color filter , so we will see what the sensor will replace it.
According to various rumors, OnePlus 9 Pro will be a camera from him selfie Sony IMX471 DA 16 MP . Regarding the main areas, the company has confirmed this (at least in part). Top of the range will have a sensor Sony IMX789 48 MP accompanied FFL IMX766 wide-angle solutions 50 MP , with all Hasselblad .

The first photographic sample the wide module are absolutely impressive: indeed, they are taken by an expert hand, and the company released a test image, but the final result looks really good.

New One Plus 9

Peter Liu (Pete Lau) also issued a sensor samples to be compared with another wide-angle lens, and is still trying to twist the module seems to be doing well.

Then, on the back of the OnePlus 9 Pro compartment should count an OmniVision telephoto lens 8 MP with 3.3x optical zoom and a 2 MP sensor dedicated to depth of field.

However, if you wish to use the frame system, you may be disappointed: the leaker denies its existence in the entire series including Pro. Acknowledgment that the last speech has arrived, this time from the Max Zhan Bo . In fact, on Twitter, who leaked once again that there is no periscope on OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, confirmed previous leaks.
On the contrary, as already pointed out by poco above, OnePlus has begun to cooperate with another well-known company in the field: Hasselblad . This can be seen from the preview photos, the company logo is highlighted on the camera module; the confirmation letter is the official announcement of the Chinese company. This is not the first time the company has worked with someone, as it happened with Motorola in 2016 and Vertu who arrived late in 2014.

In short, the risk seems to have increased, but we will see if this is a specific cooperation or pure marketing. Always leaked photo reveals to us two other details: OnePlus 9 Pro telephoto lens will have a 3, 3x optical zoom but also the mode tilt shift . If you don’t know what the latter is, this is a demonstration
Since the production chain is faster than usual, the release window of the OnePlus 9 series is earlier than usual to accommodate various leaks in the past few weeks. The Chinese company officially confirmed that the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro launch event will be in March 23 (one month earlier than the XNUMX series launched in mid-2020). In addition, the company also confirmed that cooperation with Hasselblad for the development of top-level cameras. OP kicked off the curtain with an investment of more than 15 billion US dollars. In the next three years, the aim is to further enhance its imaging capabilities with the support of Hasselblad.

However, to talk about prices, we are waiting for some more specific rumors, because it seems that no relevant details have been leaked yet.
Meanwhile, around the photo OnePlus 9 prototype of people have thought up for sale on eBay . After deleting the list to delete sensitive data, it was relisted, and someone actually got it and purchased it up to $ 6.000 .

Also check: OPPO officially launched the Find X3 series

However, this is obviously a move. Poco’s wise approach is that OnePlus can track the seller’s account and find out who posted this information. As Max Jambor suggested, maybe the same management of OnePlus might be hiding in this expensive deal.

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