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New Corona version Omi Kroon comes to Pak

ISLAMABAD: NCOC Chief and Federal Planning Minister Assad Omar said the new Corona variant, Omi Kroon. Started in South Africa and is very dangerous. The new virus has also reached many European countries. Including the UK and Singapore. It should spread all over the world. This is why. We also have introduced a ban on travel to African countries.

At a press conference with Special Health Assistant Dr. Faisal Sultan in Islamabad. Planning Minister Asad Umar said the crown is shrinking in Pakistan. All of this has to do with vaccination. Both doses of Corona have also affected 50 million Pakistanis. 30 million Pakistanis have a dose of the corona.

According to him. Due to the new option. Travel restrictions have also been introduced for some countries. Which should spread around the world. It is impossible to stop the new variant. Vaccination will also be effective against the new variant. Quit all work. Get vaccinated first.

New Corona version Omi Kroon comes to Pak

Assad Omar said about new corona version

Assad Omar said vaccinations and other measures could reduce the risk of new options emerging. Booster launches vaccination program. Vaccination is also the only way out. The decisions also made for Corona have yielded better results.

The Planning Minister also said most of the deaths from the coronavirus were not vaccinated. And the spread of new variants is increasing rapidly. The new version of Corona will also affect Pakistan. And if the new version comes to Pakistan. It will complicate the situation. A new wave of the crown has also banned travel from affected countries.

He said testing opportunities in high-risk areas are expanding. The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has also been declining for several weeks. The contact tracing system is effective and is reactivating. The spread of the virus is rapidly putting pressure on hospitals.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said the new type of crown is dangerous. The new Corona variety spreads more than the old one. It is impossible to enter Omi Kroon. All countries of the world are in touch to deal with Omi Kroon. If a new type of Corona arrives in Pakistan. We will have a limited time.

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