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New 4.7-inch IPhone SE Plus

It has been more than half a year since the iPhone SE2 went on sale. At that time, the price of more than 2,000 made many fans start their hands. Therefore, its enhanced version of iPhone SE Plus is also very much anticipated. According to the news, this time Apple finally stopped letting pigeons go, and iPhone SE Plu is expected to be released in the second half of the year. The old iPhone in hand can be replaced.
Many people think that iPhone SE Plus is a PPT phone. Because everyone knows that in the era when the big screen is popular, Apple dared to launch the new 4.7-inch iPhoneSE. In addition to keeping the small screen market, it is more important to clean up the parts inventory of the iPhone 8 era.
 I just didn’t expect the new iPhoneSE to be very popular, so Apple can take the opportunity to launch the next model iPhone SE Plus, anyway, the spare parts inventory has not been exhausted. The new iPhone SE is super cost-effective, which makes many people feel that it is better than the 12 mini. However, the current iPhone SE Plus is full of highlights and more cost-effective.

New 4.7-inch IPhone SE Plus


The first is the price, which is half cheaper than the iPhone 12!

  According to the news, the iPhone SE Plus has three colors, black, white and red. It is estimated to be priced at US$499 (approximately RMB 3224), which is nearly 50% cheaper than the iPhone 12, and the price/performance ratio is very high.

According to the news, the iPhone SE Plus will be equipped with the latest A14 chip. As for how powerful this chip is, there is no need to say more about it. You can buy A14 for 3,000 yuan. It can only be said that you can earn it if you buy it.
In addition, the iPhone SE Plus keeps small bangs, and its screen size will be upgraded to 6.1 inches. It uses an IPS screen, which is similar to the old model XR, and it may be possible to use the same set of molds.
 Some people worry that iPhoneSE Plus and iPhoneXR are exactly the same, but this is impossible. If not, Apple might as well directly reduce the price of iPhoneXR, so why bother to release a new model.
Although Face ID unlocking is very safe, the situation is serious now. Wearing a mask is the norm. Apple’s face unlocking is no longer optimistic. Fingerprint unlocking is more efficient and safe.
Therefore, the possibility of changing Face ID to Touch ID is very high, and it should be integrated with the power button on the side of the phone. This is how the iPad Air did before, but this solution will be used on the iPhone for the first time.

  The iPhone SE Plus is equipped with the latest processor and the price/performance ratio is so high. I think it is even more fragrant than the iPhone 13 for users who are looking for price/performance. Would you change such an attractive mobile phone?

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