National assembly- Malika Bukhari got injured

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Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif’s critical speech in the National Assembly on Tuesday was incomplete. During the speech, government members continued to blow whistles while budget documents were hurled by opposition members which hit PTI MP Malika Bukhari in the face. She was also injured.

National assembly- Malika Bukhari

What Happened in national assembly?

During the speech of the Leader of the Opposition, PTI MPA Ali Nawaz Awan shook hands with the PML-N members and the matter reached to the level of vulgar words and insults.

Ali Awan also threw books at PML-N member Rohail Asghar. Some members of the assembly were seen defending it while others called it a disgrace.

Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry point of view

Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that the ‘opposition has also been making noise during the government speech so the government members are doing so’. In the consultation, the opposition members were asked to write that they would not make noise during government speeches, so there would be no noise from the government benches, but the opposition did not give assurance in writing.

MLA Ramesh Kumar‘s point

Meanwhile, PTI MLA Ramesh Kumar termed the commotion in the House as a shame.

he said that it is a shame for all the members of ‘Shame on All of Ten‘ that the public representatives should create such an atmosphere in the assembly no matter who makes a mistake. So how long will this practice last? If the opposition has done something wrong, should we repeat the same mistake?

During this time, the National Assembly session was adjourned four times, two prayer breaks and two times when the situation got out of control.

Even in the National Assembly session, the National Assembly Secretariat contacted the Senate Secretariat and called for more security in the House due to fears of a scuffle between the members. At the request of the National Assembly Secretariat, the Senate Secretariat entrusted the services of Additional Sergeant at Arms to the National Assembly.

Opposition and government members kept hitting each other with books while government members also brought whistles to keep up the noise.

The security staff in the house was also injured in the process of throwing books. A government member threw the budget book towards Shahbaz Sharif but the book did not suit Shahbaz Sharif but fell on Shahbaz Sharif’s dice.

Shahbaz Sharif’s speech was going on while government member Faheem Khan and League member Iftikhar Nazir got entangled with each other. Government members also tore up the paperwork of budget documents on Shahbaz Sharif, to which the Speaker of the National Assembly expressed his indignation.

When the League members started making videos of the protests of government members, Speaker Asad Qaiser instructed the video makers to confiscate their mobile phones and said that they should not make videos but the members made videos and shared them with the media and also posted them on social media. Stay While some League members set up a security fence around Shahbaz Sharif so that no book could injure him.

Mehmood in the House continued to teach Shirin Mazari and Zartaj Gul how to play the desk from the budget document while the Foreign Minister remained a silent spectator.

speaker’s reaction

Seeing all this commotion, the Speaker took out the budget documents from the House. House staff cleaned the National Assembly hall and removed all heavy documents so that members could no longer injure each other by throwing books at each other. Further proceedings of the House will be held on Wednesday at 4 pm and the Leader of the Opposition will conclude his speech.

How the fight started

Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said, “The fight actually started with the slogans of Ali Gohar Baloch. The PML-N members insulted all the parliamentary values by putting them on the back burner. The young members became emotional and then the process of throwing budget books started.

He also tweeted on social media in this regard.

On the other hand, Ali Gohar Baloch while talking to reporters after the meeting said that Fawad Chaudhry was resorting to lies. He said that he was only standing around Shahbaz Sharif to protect him from the attacks of budget books. ۔ However, from the very beginning of Shahbaz Sharif’s speech, a storm of insults had started from the government benches. “I put the video with my slogans at the end,” he said.

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