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NADRA biometric database has been hacked


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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said Thursday that biometrics from the National Database and Registration (NADRA) has been compromised, leading to an increase in cybercrime in the country.

During a briefing to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Information Technology and Telecommunications, an FIA spokesman, Cybercrime Wing stated that the NADRA biometric database has been hacked. However, quantum hacking has not yet been identified.

He told the committee that up to 13,000 SIM cards issued on counterfeit CNICs were found during the Faisalabad raid. They said that the wing has received 89,000 cybercrime complaints to date, but did not have sufficient staff to deal with complaints on a daily basis. He added that there are only 162 investigators in it.

The stress that usually the persons behind the financial fraud. When track down, turned out to be elderly men or women. Whose data was used by the real defendants?

NADRA Pakistan

Illegal SIM cards selling cause of NADRA hacking

The Parliamentary Commission has express serious concern about the sale of illegal SIM cards in the country. And has instructed the the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to take harsh action. Against individuals, franchise companies, and cellular companies involve in this heinous crime.

PTA chairman Amir Azim Bajwa tell the committee. That the PTA does not allow mobile companies to sell door-to-door SIM cards. Bajwa said sales of illegal SIM cards fell 600 percent in just one year. From 175,000 last year to 26,000 in October 2021. He admitt that the thumb casts of people were take illegally.

Bajwa said all cellular operators (CMOs) have also been instruct to install Live Finger Detective (LFD) devices to dispense SIM cards. He said that a validation base on index fingers. Rather than thumbprints have discuss by PTA, NADRA, and CMOs for implementation. He adds that two CMOs, CMPak, and Ufone. Were fine Rs. 100 million NADRA rupees 50m respectively.

Highlighting the action taken. The PTA chairman said 2,962 retailers had been closed. 532 franchises have receive warnings and 360,569. CNICs were blacklisted to sell new SIM cards.

The committee recommended using several methods. To test the issue of illegal SIM cards. Which have become a major driver of the rise in cybercrime in Pakistan.

The Committee noted. That the government has taken note of all stakeholders other than parliament regard social media rules. It emphasizes that national interests. And a national perspective is preserving in the drafting of laws.

Chairman Ali Khan Jadoun recommended a separate briefing on social media rules. And also stress the need to involve members of the public in this regard.

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