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Morning with Juggan Kazim-Viral Video


Boycott Morning with Juggan Kazim became the top trend on Twitter from Pakistan. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has banned Tik Tok for airing immoral content and the matter has been referred to the federal cabinet by Islamabad. A clear decision has not been forthcoming. Through TikTok, many young girls became famous overnight and they also started getting opportunities to work on TV.

Worth mentioning here that the video of the morning show of a private TV channel has been going viral on social media since yesterday in which all the boundaries of alleged obscenity have been crossed in the rating cycle and Social media users’ anger has skyrocketed and there is a growing demand for a ban on this morning show.

Morning with Juggan Kazim-Viral Video

The video that went viral on social media is of actress Juggan Kazim’s show in which it can be seen that ‘Aamir Khan‘ from the US is also present with his wife. He was named Mufti Taqi Lahori after his viral videos on TikTok. Later his interview came to light in which he said that his name is’ Aamir Khan’ and this woman is his wife. He also said that this beautiful woman is his fourth wife.

It can be seen in the viral clip of the Morning Show, the apple has been hung from the ceiling along with the thread, and two other couples, including the couple, are also participating in the game. female partners are helping to eat that apple to their male partners whose hands are tied. “

Boycott Morning with Juggan Kazim” on social media.

The element of alleged obscenity is clearly visible in this whole game on which social media users have become incensed and they also launched the hashtag “Boycott Morning with Jagan Kazim” on social media.

Sharing a clip of the morning show, a Twitter user named Mehr Naveed said, “Obscenity in the name of the morning show is on the rise. The institution that controls them is asleep.”

Raheel Shah said that “these mornings show people have left India behind in showing obscenity, only in the cycle of getting ratings.”

A user named Jamil Farooqi said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a clip from a morning show on an entertainment TV channel in Pakistan. By the way, the question was how much more freedom is needed. “

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Afaq Khan said, “If I come to expose the host of your manning show, then these liberals will start crying. I don’t want to talk about anyone’s caste, just stop obscenity in the name of entertainment.”

A user named Asad expressed his views that “the morning show producer should be banned for life“.

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