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Military exercise PAKISTAN and TURKEY

Military exercise between PAKISTAN and TURKEY. The three-week joint military exercise between Turkey and Pakistan ended on Saturday with a ceremony at the Pakistani Army’s Special Service Headquarters in Tarbela, in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

A high level military delegation from Turkey led by Inspector General Training and Evaluation Lieutenant General Syed Muhammad Adnan and Major General Emre Tayanç attended the closing ceremony of ATATURK-XI 2021 drill.

Military exercise between PAKISTAN and TURKEY

Troops from the Turkish Special Forces and the Pakistani Army’s Elite Special Services Group took part in the exercise.

The exercise focused on counterterrorism, near-quarter warfare, cordoning and searching, repelling, fire and mobility techniques, helicopter repelling, compound clearance, hostage and rescue conditions and free fall operations.

Relations between Turkey and Pakistan have reached new heights in recent years thanks to co-operation between the defense industries.

By engaging in joint research programs, military training and the acquisition of a number of defense products from Pakistan to Turkey, the two countries have shown keen interest in further bonds that will enable them to contribute to national and regional security.

Turkey has seen clear progress in the industry, partly because of its strategic location and recent developments in the region, which have made defense development more important than ever. It is a well-known fact that dependence on other countries in the field can also be a major obstacle. With Turkey’s rise in the defense industry, Pakistan has become one of its top partners.

In July 2018, the Pakistan Navy signed an agreement with the Turkish defense contractor ASFAT for the acquisition of four mills in Turkey. According to the plan, two couriers will be built in Turkey, and the following two will be built in Pakistan. The agreement also covers technology transfer.

Meanwhile, Ankara is buying MFI-17 Super Mushaq aircraft from Pakistan. It also upgraded three Pakistani submarines and jointly built a second fleet tanker.

A T-129 Advanced Attack and Reconnaissance Helicopter (ATAC) locally manufactured in Turkey will also be exported to Pakistan. The two countries finalized an agreement in July 2018 to sell 30 ATA helicopters.

Bilateral defense and security cooperation between Ankara and Islamabad has intensified in recent years. In October 2018, the Pakistan Navy launched a 17,000-tonne fleet tanker built in collaboration with a Turkish Karachi Southern Port City Defense Agency.

In October 2019, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the then Chief Admiral of the Pakistan Navy, Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, cut the first metal plate of the first milligram Ada Class Corvette during a ceremony in Istanbul.

Ankara and Islamabad have had relations for decades. At the top of the UN’s political and economic ties, many Turkish humanitarian agencies, including the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), are active in the country, providing assistance to those in need. During Erdogan visit to Pakistan in February 2020, the two countries signed a series of MoUs to promote bilateral trade, economic engagement, communication and cultural ties.

There are 17 Turkish companies in Pakistan while 233 Pakistani companies operate in Turkey. In the last five years, the trade volume between Pakistan and Turkey has increased from about $ 600 million (TL 4.5 billion) to 800 800 million.

More than 60 Turkish businessmen will explore new investment opportunities in the country with the president. The two countries are also expected to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) during the visit.

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