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Karachi blast initial examination report

Bomb disposal squad’s initial report speaks new controversy

The Karachi Bomb Defuse Squad raised alarm in the initial report of the tragic Sher Shah bombing of Karachi. While the Sui Southern Gas Company rejects the Bomb Defuse Squad’s report. And said Sher Shah There is no gas pipeline at the site of the explosion.

A large contingent of security forces. Including police and rangers, cordoned off the scene. The bomb disposal squad and crime scene squad were also trying. To establish the true cause of the explosion. Interestingly, the explosion did not cause it. A fire, traces, or smell of any explosives around the damaged structure. Experts confirmed.

It was difficult to determine. If the explosion was due to a build-up of gas in the sewer line under the shore. Or if something went wrong with the gas pipeline. The authorities ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack. And declared it an accidental explosion. “The explosion was due to the accumulation of gases. “The bomb disposal team’s initial report says. “The explosion damaged the bank building. As well as the nearby car dealerships”.

In addition, β€œThe police will register the FIR. Initially, the case will be registered. On behalf of the state in the sections of the checkpoint. Relating to “unintentional murder ” (“Qatl-bi-sabab”), Nawaz explained to the GKP.

Karachi blast initial examination report

The explosion killed at least 16 people. Including the father of Pakistani National Assembly member Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Alamgir Khan. And 16 others were seriously injured. The blast also listened several kilometers away.

Who is responsible?

Similar explosions due to gas accumulation have occurred in Karachi in the past. DC Keamari, Mukhtar Abro, confirmed. That the Site building was constructed over Nulla. The DC said some people obtained leases for illegal building construction through Nullah. He explained. That there are other buildings above Sher Shah Nulla and measures will be taken against all structures built above the drain. As for the collapsed building, then. According to him. There is a shopping center. That also will be demolished. He submitted that several notices had been sent to the residents of the house in the past.

While expressing regret over the blast. The leader of the PPP and Sindh Provincial Minister Ghani also said. That is the construction of buildings. On the gutter is unacceptable under any circumstances. It is rent. How can it rent by constructing gutters?

Karachi Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab state. That we also help the heirs of the target in this hour of grief. The administration also said the Sindh government’s law does not protect illegal buildings. He said that a commission head by a retire judge. Will create to decide. The fate of such buildings.

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