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Job oriented courses to do after 12th


Bachelor of Hotel management:

A three-year undergraduate degree called the Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) gives students access to a number of employment specialisations in the hotel business. It is a sector that is constantly growing in India due to the rise of the tourism industry. There are a variety of specialisations available. To become a chef, restaurateur, or provider of catering services, one should either seek a profession in the hospitality and tourism industry or in the culinary arts. Here are all the pertinent supplemental information.

Hotel management

Criteria for eligibility:

Any stream from a recognised board of education must have a 10+12 or comparable certificate.

Options of job available after this course:

Hotel/Restaurant Manager

 Head chef   

Event coordinator

Food and beverage director   

Cruise hotel management

Bachelor of Technology:

When it comes to employment opportunities, the B.Tech. among the most well-known undergraduate degrees in India are the and BE degrees. There is a lot of possibility for growth in this profession because it offers such a wide variety of specialisations. prerequisites for admission to the B.Tech. The or BE programme varies by university. While some universities have their own selection examinations, others evaluate the results of the Joint Entrance Examination, a test administered at the national level (JEE). Here are all the pertinent supplemental information.

Criteria for eligibility:

In order to be admitted to B.Tech and BE programmes, students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as their core subjects in class 12. In order to pursue certain specific specialisations like Software engineering, Aerospace engineering, and Marine Engineering, students must take Computer Science as a core subject in class 12 in addition to PCM.

Options of job available after this course:

Chemical engineer

Mechanical engineer

Metallurgical engineer

Software engineer

Aerospace engineer

Medicine Bachelor of surgery (MBBS):

MBBS is a 5-year degree programme that exposes students to a variety of medical disciplines in order to equip them with the knowledge necessary to grasp a topic in-depth. In India, candidates must pass the National Eligibility and Common Entrance Test in order to be accepted into the MBBS programme (NEET). However, other colleges or organisations may use different selection procedures. Here are all the pertinent supplemental information.

Criteria for eligibility:

You must have taken Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as your three primary classes in order to be admitted to the MBBS programme. Some colleges use students’ 10+2 grades to determine whether to admit them to their MBBS programmes. But in order to apply to the majority of universities, you must take the NEET exam. The NEET cutoffs for different universities differ, and they fluctuate each year based on factors including the volume of applicants and the number of open seats. The aspirant must also be between the ages of 17 and 25.

Options of job available after this course:

Medical surgeon

General physician



Gynaecologist   etc…..

Bachelor of commerce:

B.com is one of the most well-liked courses for Indian students majoring in business. You can choose to enrol in a B.Com or B.Com Honours programme, depending on your preferences and prerequisites. The majority of colleges use the student’s 10+2 grade point average to determine whether to admit them. However, other colleges could employ a different method of selection, such an entrance exam. Here are all the pertinent supplemental information.

Numerous prestigious universities in India already offer online B Com courses. A degree earned online has the same validity as one earned offline. The main distinction is that you have the right to study at the convenience of your home. You can achieve an online B.Com degree without going to college; instead, you’ll get study materials, virtual classrooms, video lectures, and in-person interactions with professors and peers. In some cases, exams may also be taken online.

Criteria for eligibility:

To be admitted to B.Com or B.Com Honours, you must have finished your 12th grade coursework in the Commerce stream. Varying institutions have different standards for the grades needed to be eligible in the 12th grade.

Options of job available after this course:

Business analyst


Financial analyst etc…….

Bachelor of fashion design:

A three- to four-year fashion design bachelor’s degree qualifies you for employment as a fashion designer. If you appreciate creating inventive designs or designing apparel and accessories, this course is for you. Admission to this programme is either merit- or entrance-based, depending on the college. The section below contains all other details regarding this course.

Criteria for eligibility:

You must hold a 10+2 diploma or an equivalent degree in any stream from a recognised educational institution.

Options of job available after this course:

Fashion designer

Costume designer

Fashion stylist

Personal stylist

Etc   …..


Some of the career-focused courses you can take after receiving your 12th grade diploma are listed above. These programmes are incredibly effective and offer fantastic opportunities to anyone who works hard to reach their objectives.

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