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Pakistan having-International Army Competition

Pakistan having International Army Team Spirit. The 4th International Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS) Competition 2021 has officially started today at the National Anti-Terrorism Center, Pabbi, near Kharian.

According to the official statement of ISPR, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Uzbekistan are participating while Morocco, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are participating as observers in the 3-day competition.

In addition, 8 domestic teams of Pakistan Army are participating in the 2021 PATS competition.

Since 2018, the PATS competition is being held every year to test strategic skills in the physical and business domains as well as the agility of participating teams to generate feedback in challenging scenarios of real-time zones.

The event performs a variety of cross-domain scenarios and tasks including physical endurance, water barrier crossing, near target attainment, and protective approaches under a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear environment.

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Note that the Pakistan Army converted the PATS competition into an international PATS competition to share experiences and achievements in the war against terrorism with the armies of other countries.

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