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IVC-collected $ 17.5 million

Indus Valley Capital (IVC), Pakistan’s main asset investor, has collected $ 17.5 million for its market fund, according to the MENA bytes report.

Indus Valley Capital, founded and directed by Atif Awan, a former LinkedIn Land Manager, is due in early 2019, its target is $ 15. , the company has become a large closed financial institution in Pakistan, the report said.

Investors in this initial venture include Co-founder Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, as well as its founders, CEOs, and employees from leading technology companies, including Facebook, Google, Stripe, Coinbase, Uber , Careem, InstaCart, LinkedIn, Reddit, Dropbox, Atlassian, WebFlow, Zip and Oracle.


IVC has three horned founders, but the company did not disclose their names. An IVC statement said, “Affiliates with billions of dollars VC funds and former investors Careem and Souq are also among the limited partners.”

IVC is crop-agnostic and invests in early seed, seed and early process. Has made or directed investments in travel, applications, B2B stores, healthcare, fintech, and remote services.

The first IVC of financial services company, Airlift, released $ 12 million in Phase A, followed by an additional $ 10 million with the launch of Phase A. Next launch, Bazaar, B2B’s e-commerce platform, raised $ 6.5 million in one. making the largest fruit in the region, had its first test by IVC when the financial giant led the launch of $ Ba3ar $ 1.3 billion in June 2020.

Indus Valley Capital spends two weeks (after the first sound) and a half to share a piece of paper and initially it wants to invest in it. When we saw the port, we discarded everything else and focused on putting in a quick fundraising process so that the founders could return to the factory, ”Awan explained.

Usman Gul, founder and CEO of Airlift, thinks Indus Valley Capital is bringing the highest value of money in line with the global music industry.

“In our case, IVC has been a good partner in establishing the right financial system at every level of the business, from angel investors to start-ups,” he said.

Saad Jangda, founder of Bazaar, said of Awan, “His [goodness] is the most important thing to us. He is constantly calling for anything we should talk about (or even resentment, if necessary).

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