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Indian Airforce helicopter crashed detail

what did General Rawat say when he was wounded? Eyewitness Statement

Yesterday, the Indian Air Force helicopter crash killed at least 13 people, including the first chief of the Indian Defense Staff, General Bipin Rawat. He was identified as the captain of the Indian Air Force Group Varun Singh, who was in charge of the defense service. Staff College (DSSC).

A witness at the crash site was publish in the Indian media. In which he said that after the helicopter crashed, a fire broke out in the trees and local residents fled to put out the fire.

Indian Airforce helicopter crashed detail

Eyewitness Shiv Kumar also told the media about this. that at that time we saw 3 people. One of whom was alive, and 2 were dead. A living person asked us for water, which was later taken by the high-ranking officials who were present there.

According to Shiv Kumar, later someone tell us that the person. Who ask us for water was the Chief of Defense of India, General Bipin Rawat. “I can not believe that it was Bipin Rawat who did so much for the country. And he ask us for water. I could not sleep all night after the incident, ”said a local resident.

Indian military helicopter caught fire in the air? Videos go viral

As a result, some videos go viral on social media. With users also claim that this is the same helicopter that Bipin Rawat and other employees were on board. And it caught fire in the air. However, the Indian Air Force has not yet confirm the cause of the crash. And whether the helicopter caught fire in the air. Or due to some other technical problem.

In addition, The Indian Air Force said in a statement. That an investigation into the causes of the helicopter crash has already begun. It should be notice that a military helicopter by Defense Chief of Staff General Bipin Rawat was flown from New Delhi to the Sun region in Tamil Nadu. When it crashes near Connor in Tamil Nadu.

The recorded voice from the cockpit of a military helicopter that crashed in India

A voice recording from the cockpit of Defense Chief of Staff General Bipin Rawat. Which crash in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu yesterday was found. According to the Indian news agency, ANI. Significant progress makes in the investigation.

A military helicopter crashed, killing the head of the Indian Defense Staff, his wife, and also 11 other people. According to Indian media reports. The crashed helicopter’s flight data recorder and flight recorder recover.

Indian Airforce helicopter crashed detail

Recall that one person miraculously survives the accident. And is treat in a hospital in critical condition.

The Indian Air Force close the scene. Open an immediate investigation into the helicopter crash. While Indian Interior Minister Rajnath Singh also briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the incident.

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