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How To Make ‘Nahari’?- Desi Food

The word Nahari is derived from the Arabic word ‘Nahar’ which means morning.

Hence the name Nahari implies that it is eaten for breakfast.

The Making of the Nahari is said to have started either from the back streets of the Jama Masjid in Delhi, where most of the people of Delhi belong, or many lovers of Lucknow believe that it started with the decline of the Mughal Empire in the late eighteenth century. Later, Nawab came from Odh’s kitchens.

The method of making Nahari is more or less the same today as it was in the early days.

Early days Method

In those days, after the lid of the pot was covered, flour is added to its edges to maintain the maximum temperature and to cook slowly with steam.

After the meat was lightly fried, aromatic spices are added to it to slowly melt it and leave the aroma of these spices to absorb.

The taste of these spices would settle in the meat very gently as if someone was doing magic to seduce someone.

Here’s how you can do it right.


Ingredients To make Nahari

Half a kilo of meat (bong)

A cup of oil

Half a kilo of onion

2 tablespoons fennel

Dried Ginger 2

Two tablespoons garlic ginger paste

Half a cup of water

Two tablespoons red chilli powder

Two jugs of water

Four tablespoons of red flour

Half a teaspoon of hot spices


Put oil, onion and meat in a pan. When onion is soft, add fennel and dried ginger.

After a while, add some water to the garlic ginger paste and add it to the pan. Cook for a few minutes and then add the red chilli powder.

Now add two jugs of water and as soon as the meat is melted, add water to the red flour and put this thick material in the pan.

Spoon the curry until it thickens.

Sprinkle hot spices on it before serving.

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