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How To Get Rid Of Acne?


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Acne is one of the common problems. However, the modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry provides numerous different products for the treatment of acne. There are very expensive ointments, creams and cosmetic centers among them. But there are cheap treatments for acne that will helps to deal with the problem.

face acne

Chemicals help in Acne?

In order not to get lost in all types of suggestions. It is advisable to understand the principles of their actions before advising. The following remedies for acne today can be purchased at a drugstore or cosmetic store:

Cosmetic products – a variety of lotions, tonics, gels and foam soaps, masks. As a rule, they do not help to treat severe acne, but to deal with small eruptions.

Medicinal products based on vegetable ingredients or acids – Such ointments or creams are more effective, dry spots well and reduce inflammation in the skin.

Medicinal ointments with antibiotics -These drugs to help deal with inflammation more quickly, but they are used only on prescription.

Hormone treatment agents – used only by appointment of the dermatologist, not cheap, but are helping in the most serious cases.

Folk remedies – masks, peels and a variety of home tonic works also help to bring the skin in order, without budget bias.
Consider the most popular and inexpensive treatment for acne.

The first group of funds – these are lotions, tonics, sprays, gels and creams for washing, all kinds of which are sold in cosmetic stores. Often, they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients of chemical or vegetable origin. For example, salicylic acid, aloe, chamomile, oats.

Clearasil One of the most popular and low-cost brands, offers a means to prevent acne. In this line of a wide variety of equipment for healthy skin. This is a cheap source of removing pimples and blackheads on your face.

Another brand – Garnier and its “clean skin” line. From dry to oily or dehydrated or sensitive, as well as a variety of products. It works as a tonic and lotion, and special cleaning agents actively skrabiruyuschimi brushes and steamed masks here for all skin types. Can find products for.

Reviews of such mass market products in about the same. Members warn that they are cheap, but well suited to deal with minor spots or acne prevention. But do not help to deal with serious problems.


Two of these products, due to its inflammatory effect, are the most effective in the fight against acne. They just kill the bacteria, preventing them from re-establishing the inflammatory process. It seems that the most common zinc or salicylic ointment is very effective. But it is still a very cheap treatment for acne.

zinc tablet

Irritation of the skin and loss of use on sensitive tissues. But still can’t use these ointments for more than two weeks, as they are too aggressive for oily or normal skin.

There are cheap treatments for acne and scarring, such as “Kuriozin”. Zinc supplemented with hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin, neutralizes the first harmful substances. This product has very positive notes and comments about the rapid healing of wounds and lesions on the skin.


In addition to salicylic acid. There are other acids that fight acne:

retinoic acid – accelerates the regeneration of skin cells and reduces inflammation;

Benzoyl peroxide – it dries and fills the inflamed patches on the skin.
The most popular products based on this substance, “Baziron”, “Skinoren” and “Differin”.

They are always the most positive reviews and great value in a simple zinc or salicylic ointment. In addition, these tools are cost-effective, but work not only on the face, it is a cheap means of acne on the back.


Another group of pharmacy aids in the fight against acne. As with all other antibiotics for topical use kill germs and bacteria, and therefore contribute to the healing of acne, preventing the emergence of new pimples. However, many drugs, for example, “Dalatsin” or “Zener” are very expensive. But there is an ointment sintomitsinovaja – it is difficult to find a similar efficacy and cheap treatment for acne. The review of this action is always positive. Only 50 rubles you get a great effect. But remember to use these courses for a doctor’s recommendation that can not get involved, ointment with antibiotics.


It is known that alcohol soothes the skin, and it disinfects. Therefore, the point spirit gadget to help in the fight against acne. However, too much alcohol is irritating to the skin and very aggressive, so it is best to use it as little as possible.

Camphor liquor – the best option for the skin. It kills the accumulation of bacteria and disinfects the skin, so often a part of anti-acne cosmetic products. Despite its specific smell, it is also a great device that is very budget.


In the pharmacy, you can buy very cheap drugs that apparently have nothing to do with acne treatment. However, this is not the case, for example, “Aspirin” and “Ibuprofen” will help you in this case, and they are quite cheap.

Aspirin” contains salicylic acid, which, as we have seen, helps in the fight against acne. Just do not need to take aspirin inside for this battle, and it should make a mask. This is the best suitable stimulant, “aspirin”. To obtain a paste, add 6 tablets of dissolved honey (religion) in a small amount of water and apply the mixture on the face for 15 minutes.

Ibuprofen” also has a local anti-inflammatory effect. Pour the liquid into the capsule or 5% gel and apply with a cotton disc to the inflamed skin. Give a drying agent before applying a cream or makeup.


And finally, on the face, help exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce inflammation and reduce it, the most accessible and affordable treatment for acne immediately. These products – milk, oatmeal and ordinary toothpaste. Use them better as a result, as they have a different effect.

Milk mixed with honey and brown sugar (in the ratio of 0.5 cup of sugar, 3 spoons of milk and one spoon of honey…) is an excellent cleanser. Lactic acid and sugar grains clean the skin and open the pores.

Oat groats perfect for masks. Its astringent properties remove excess sebum and soothe the skin. For a mask of a small amount of cooking oatmeal as usual on water, it is applied to the face for two and 15 minutes

Toothpaste has long been known as a point method to combat acne. And the best approach is that there are no ingredients that irritate the skin, budget, but there are a lot of sulfur, inflammation.

It is an important low-cost treatment for acne that will help restore the beauty of the skin, without damaging your budget.

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