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How To Build A House


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Before a man decides to build a house, many questions are important. The main – expensive part.

Currently there are all known ways of new but little known and well forgotten old, but reliable construction of shelter. Using them in practice, it is possible to reach the goal and build a house cheaply.

How To Build A House

Let’s start with the basics. As you know, it is not less than a third of the construction cost. Among the most popular: written, columnar, girdle, screw pile, burozabivnoy. Both require significant investment. But since our goal is to build a wall house, For more information you can visit brother-driver-forum we think not what we do, but it has proven to be a reliable practice and profitability at the foundation called Semykina.

For his equipment Mikhail Egorovich Semykin one Patent of the Russian Federation under number 2184189. It is and tell us that quickly and cheaply build a house.

Information to build the foundation of such a “trade”, more than enough to be found anywhere in the world. It tires.

Regardless of the usual solutions, tires, veins and sand or cement and mortar, as the foundation chooses more and more private developers.

Its advantages: low cost, widespread availability, environmental friendliness, ease of construction, low labor costs. But there is another opportunity, because they have to tell us a lot about staying at home. The fact that the building is based on this principle does not mean “leading”. All the seasons, move the soil, get on top of the tires. They do not think absorb between the wood house and the earth.

This is a very strong argument for wanting to choose such a principle. For this reason the house is strong as seismoustoychiv.

If we consider the problem of how to quickly and cheaply house, related to Hull structure, there is a better choice – a person frame houses. And he can build a frame made of used fabrics – which is available. This tree, and light metal.

On what is such a sheathing board, also where there is war. When choosing is very true. But mostly used outside sheathing OSB boards of different thicknesses, and for inside – GCR. The level of construction of such houses is very high.

Inside the skin, of course, to be a heater. Here is a great choice. Since ancient times, glass wraps have been made.

Moreover, to understand how to quickly and cheaply build a house, we can not talk about the harmony of external decoration. More than a gift can be chosen that had a supported cover, or also visit lyricsdigest.com stucco on the wall that will then be painted or white. The France, made of decorative plaster, looks very impressive.

But here there is nothing useful to save, so it is on the discussion, as the level of comfort in your home will be closely monitored in terms of their quality and effectiveness.

Given the order, look for good information, you can always find how to quickly and cheaply build a house.


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