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How much time did you use social media?

Whether it’s Tik Tok or Instagram, many of us are so used to using social media apps that we don’t even feel it if we don’t have a smartphone in our hands. How much time do you use social media throughout the year? A smart online calculator is designed. To check how do you use social media screen timing.

Sortlist recently design an online calculator that indicates. How much time do you consume on your smartphone screen in 2021?

This calculator will ask you how much daily screen time you have before calculating the annual time you spend.

You will also give your result by comparing the average screen time of people aged 16 to 64. This is an average of 52,925 minutes, which corresponds to 36 days 18 hours 5 minutes.

How much time did you use social media?

In addition, Nicholas Finette, director of marketing and co-founder of Shortlist, said: “We spend a lot of time on screen unaware of it. And that’s why we create this calculator. To let people know how much time they consume on screen. Where they spend most of their time on screen. And how it corresponds to nations around the world.

“We’ve spent more time on screen than we’ve ever had in 18 years,” said Nicholas Finette.

He added that as a result of the world epidemic. Many people also work from home, consume a lot of their time on zoom call. And utilize social media apps in their extra time.

Details of social media app you use

As part of the study, Sortlist analyzed time spent online and social media in HotSuite’s report on the global state of digital technology in 2021. According to the data. The average person also spends 145 minutes on their smartphone. In 2020, the standard time is 142 minutes.

According to the analyses, the time spent on the Internet has been boosted by 1,015 minutes per week, 4,410 minutes per month, and 52,925 minutes per year.

Upon closer inspection of the data. The sort list reveals that the most time spent on YouTube was 23 hours 12 minutes per month. Then Facebook, which takes 19 hours and 30 minutes a month. And then WhatsApp, which takes 19 hours and 24 minutes.

By nation. The Philippines consumes the most time in scrolling – 10 hours 56 minutes a day.

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