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How did Kubra win a battle against cancer

Leading Pakistani actress Kubra Khan says the past two years have terrible for her. She works in Pak army ISPR drama serial Sinf-e-Ahan. Sinf-e-Ahan is one of the top trending drama in Pakistan.

Kubra Khan was recently interviewed by a web show in which he made many revelations about his health and also talked about obesity, its causes, and criticism.

“The last two years have been terrible for me, I had the coronavirus and then something else happened in my life,” she said. In the meantime, I move to London with my family this January. Look, a doctor has examined me.

During the interview, Kubra Khan said that after the examination, the doctor found a lump in my body, after which he expressed fears that it might be cancer, which I did not expect at all.

How did Kubra win a battle against cancer

Kubra Khan went on to say that my cancer was diagnose in the first stage at that time, I thought that thank God, this is also a blessing of Allah, that I already at the stage discover. That a tumor was present in them. Right now at the first stage.

The doctors then said that I need to immediately undergo surgery. To remove the tumor. In order to check if it was cancer. What stage are you at? If it took a little longer. It could turn into the worst kind of cancer.

How did Kubra win a battle against cancer

He said that when I returne to Pakistan after going through all these stages. I had to face a lot of criticism for fat. She couldn’t even tell me. Which war I was in from London.

Kubra Khan said about her weight

Kubra Khan said that I was always very thin and lean. My weight never exceed 48 kg. But when I had to face many health problems. I became fat and can not walk after tumor surgery and not dieting. Because I had to take a lot of medication. But after listening to hostile speeches from people. And endures many difficulties. I finally lost weight again.

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