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Hand Made Dinosaur Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial


Simple Dinosaur Drawing For Kids 

Drawing  For Kids The world was inhabited by dinosaurs millions of years ago. Despite the fact that they formerly dominated the planet, they continue to arouse interest in both young and old people today.

If you’re a dinosaur enthusiast and the brontosaurus is one of your favorites and you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw one, you’re in luck!

Socialized Trends - Hand Made Dinosaur Drawing For Kids
Socialized Trends – Hand Made Dinosaur Drawing For Kids

By the time you finish reading this tutorial, sketching a dinosaur will come naturally to you.

To make sketching a dinosaur easier than ever, we came up with this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a dinosaur in only 8 stages.

Let’s get started learning how to draw a dinosaur!

Step 1:

  • In the first part of this tutorial on drawing a dinosaur, we will work our way down. Since the brontosaurus has a little, recognizable head, we shall begin this guide with it.
  • You can add the tiny head as seen in the reference image by drawing it in with some curved lines.
  • The illustration is there to assist you, but if you’re having trouble grasping the shape, you could try using a pencil until you figure it out.

Step 2:

  • Pull the neck in next.
  • We will draw in the brontosaurus’ neck for this next stage since it is most likely its most recognizable feature.
  • Simply draw two curving lines down from the head of your dinosaur design to add this in.
  • You may get a decent notion of the length and angle you should try to capture in your design by referring to the reference image.

Step 3: 

  • At this point, sketch the dinosaur’s back.
  • You may now add a back to your dinosaur drawing after creating its head and neck.
  • This stage will be simple since you can easily make the dinosaur’s back by using a line that bends up and then down like the one in the illustration.

Step 4: 

  • After that, pull the tail in.
  • You can see how your dinosaur is now beginning to take shape. In this phase, we’ll give your dinosaur drawing a great, long tail.
  • Use a good long line that curves in on itself at the end, as shown in the illustration, to accomplish this. Perhaps you could slightly alter the tail’s angle to make it look more realistic.

Step 5:

  • At this point, the legs and belly are added.
  • To make your dinosaur drawing stand tall, let’s add some legs in this phase. The brontosaurus’s legs are rather thick at the top and gradually thinner as they descend.
  • Only the legs nearest to us will be added in this step; the other two legs will be added later.

Step 6: 

  • After that, draw in the last two legs.
  • We will incorporate the additional legs for this shorter step.
  • These are really simple to include; all you need to do is draw two curved lines beneath the already-drawn legs so that the.
  • The legs will look just like they do in the example image.
  • If you wanted to put your dinosaur in a different posture, you could also slightly alter the leg positions!
  • If you alter the posture just a little bit, you might even be able to make it appear as though your dinosaur is moving.

Step 7:

  • At this point, you can add more details to the face.
  • You have the opportunity to use some imagination for step 7 of this tutorial on how to design a dinosaur! All your dinosaur drawing needs is a good face and a few little line details to complete it.
  • If you want your photo to stand out, you may either tweak a few aspects or copy them exactly as they are in the reference image.
  • For a fun variant, you may, for instance, alter the dinosaur’s facial expression in your own artwork. What specifics will you include in your drawing of a dinosaur?

Step 8: 

  • Add some color to complete it.
    Your dinosaur drawing is almost finished, and I’m sure it looks fantastic! But it still requires one more component before it’s finished.
  • As you color in your gorgeous dinosaur drawing, this phase will be a lot of fun since you can truly let your creativity run wild!
  • With our reference image, we’ve shown one approach to fill it in; you can follow that example or use your own preferred colors to complete it.
  • Include a lively and vibrant background in your drawing as well as other details to further customize it.
  • You can also have fun coloring your drawing with various art mediums. For instance, watercolor paints can give your graphics a much softer appearance while acrylic paints might give your hues a thick, brilliant appearance.

What will you use, in your opinion, to complete your dinosaur drawing?


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