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Govt schools will be closed in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Teachers’ Representative Body proclaimed that all public educational institutions will be closed indefinitely starting Wednesday, to protest the government’s decision to place the Federal Education Administration (FDE) under the administrative authority of the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (MCI).

The move follows the announcement of a new ordinance regarding the 2015 amendment to the Local Self-Government Law of the Islamabad Capital Territory.

According to the new decree, the FDE CEO will also be appointed after consultation with the mayor of Islamabad.

The FDE, attached to a department of the Ministry of Education and Training, serves 424 educational institutions, including schools and colleges, in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). These institutions provide preschool to graduate education in both rural and urban ICT areas.

The Federal Government’s Joint Action Committee announced today that teachers and non-teaching staff will protest the government’s decision at their facilities.

The chairman of the committee, Fazal Maula, told the media that from Wednesday there will be no academic activities in any state educational institution and a complete boycott of classes will be observed.

Govt schools will be closed in Islamabad

He said the government has transfer all educational institutions to the mayor. Fear that the status of staff will also be change, as the educational institutions may now be private.

Maula, criticizing the move. Argue that it would cause serious damage to the capital’s education system. Say that it increase the risk of political interference. Political interference in the affairs of educational institutions.

The committee also announces. A rally from the Islamabad Press Club to the parliament building. Promising to hold a sit-in until the administration reverses the move.

Meanwhile, teachers and non-faculty members have express concern. About the new ordinance. Saying that transferring the education department to the local government would exacerbate its problems.

Federal Government Teachers Association President Malik Aamir Khan said about education system

Federal Government Teachers Association President Malik Aamir Khan said education was not a matter of administration. But a national issue. He called for a review of the decision. And refer the FDA to the administrative authority of the Ministry of Education.

Teachers’ representatives said that following the separation of the FDE from the Ministry of Education. There will be administrative difficulties in achieving other goals. Including the implementation of projects funded by international donor agencies.

Teachers and non-teachers said the move would not only lower education levels. But also increases political interference in the education sector.

Malik Amir also said that the education sector should not turn into an experimental laboratory. He stated to the move would damage the education sector.

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