Govt fines on high smoke-emitted vehicle

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Winter has come to Pakistan, bringing with it fears of smog and air pollution. The Punjab government has taken action and is imposing heavy fines on smoke cars to limit the formation and spread of smog.

The law enforcement branch of the Punjab Transport Company (PTC) also reportedly pursued public transport vehicles that emit heavy vapors. His spokesman said authorities caught 9,747 public transport vehicles violets environmental regulations. Of which 2,005 were detain and take to nearby police stations. And 1,938 vehicles were release following warnings.

The relevant authorities have impose fines on violators of 2.19 million rupees. And the department is actively raising public awareness of environmental issues. While applying measures to combat smog. In addition to these measures. The authorities also ensure that COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) are strictly adhered to.

In addition, Punjab is hit hardest by smog each year, and recent data release by the provincial government. Claims that the recorded evidence of constant deterioration in air quality in the province is in line with the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Govt fines on high smoke-emitted vehicle

Therefore, the authorities have imposed a strict ban on the following activities:

  • Burning plant residues
  • Heavy smoke cars
  • Non-emission control industrial operations
  • Stone crushers without wet scrubbers
  • Incineration of solid waste, rubber, and/or plastic
  • Sale and use of non-standard fuels
  • Any encroachment on public roads.
  • Every parking that interferes with traffic on public roads.
  • Any activity that contributes to the accumulation of strong dust
  • Open dump/storage of building materials
  • Open transportation of building materials
  • Brick kiln operations that are not built or convert to modern/zigzag technology
  • Unauthorized activities contributing to smog

In addition, the government also makes it mandatory for oil suppliers to distribute. And sell only EURO-5 fuel in order to contain pollution in the country. And ensure a healthy environment for the population.

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1 comment on “Govt fines on high smoke-emitted vehicle

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