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Get Long And Voluminous Eyelashes With No Effort


How To Get Long Voluminous Eyelashes Effortlessly?

Have you seen anybody who has no eyelashes? There can be various reasons for eyelash thinning like genes, health issues, physical damage, external exposure etc,. But with the evolution in science and also mama’s methods, we can get those long voluminous eyelashes like celebrities. Eyelashes can seem very small but play a big role in one’s life. Keeping aside the beauty approach, eyelashes are responsible for saving the eyes from dust and pollution. If that’s not enough to justify the importance of healthy eyelashes, then we hope you never face issues that would cause you to rethink the value of your eyelashes.

How To Get Long Voluminous Eyelashes Effortlessly?

We have further discussed some cosmetic as well as at home remedies to get long voluminous eyelashes.

Cosmetic Procedures

Eyelash extensions 

Eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for you if you want long voluminous eyelashes. Most importantly, many beauty parlours and specialists provide it like lash extensions Scottsdale. All you have to do is go and book your appointment and get stunning eyelashes that can stupefy anyone. 

We advocate you know all the details and measure side effects before getting your eyelashes done. 

Eyelash hair transplantation

Also known as eyelash transplant, this process was initially used to implant eyelashes on the barren roots due to health effects like Alopecia. But with the change in beauty standards, eyelash hair transplantation is now also used for getting thick eyelashes.

Remember you will get beautiful voluminous eyelashes but it may not suit everybody or cause some unpredictable side effects. So make sure to reach a specialist before making a decision.


The cosmetic formulation of Bimatoprost has been evident in the growth of diameter, density and length of eyelashes. It’s a medication you apply on your lash line with the applicator for cosmetic purposes.

This medication should only be applied if prescribed by the doctor or specialist. And the person dealing with heart issues, or allergic reactions related issues are recommended not to use it.

Home remedies

Don’t rub your eyes

Don’t rub your eyes, it’s not a choice but a rule. Not rubbing your eyes will not only reduce the physical damage on your eyelashes but will also benefit your eyes health. As there are large amounts of germs present on your hands it can transfer to your eyes.

Be gentle with cleaning your eye area

This is the first step you take for better eyelash health. Be gentle with your eye and nearby area and avoid using harmful chemicals on the respective areas that may result in damaging of your eyelashes. 

Avoid wearing eye makeup everyday

Now you have learnt to be gentle with your eyes by not rubbing them and not using harmful chemicals, then why haven’t you avoided wearing eye makeup daily? If you are also worried about the volume of your eyelashes, this is a sign for you to stop wearing eye makeup and provide a break to your eyelashes at least once or twice in a day.

Don’t pluck the eyelashes

Stop plucking your eyelashes!! There are many people out there whose hands find their way to the eyelashes. It’s a simple logic, if you want long luscious eyelashes, you need to stop plucking your eyelashes or any method or treatment you reach out to won’t work. 

Massage near eye area

Near eye area is one of the most sensitive areas in the whole body so it requires extra care and attention. Constant stress, pollution and other factors can affect the health of your eyes and eyelashes. So gently massage your eye area to release the stress. This will directly lead to healthy eyelash life. 

Apply oil for eyelashes growth

Like hair on your head, eyelashes also deserve that extra nutrition and care. If you apply oil to promote the health of your scalp hair, then why not eyelashes? Use coconut or castor oil at least once in a day and massage gently on your eye area. 

Eat healthy and nutritious

Consume a healthy and nutrient rich diet, everybody understands the benefits of a nutrient-rich healthy diet. They are enormous and the list is never ending. Starting from your head to toe, every body part enjoys the benefits of a good diet. And there is no exception for eyelashes. Consume a nutrient rich diet and watch your eyelashes grow. 


We have discussed some cosmetic procedures as well as at home remedies to promote the volume and health of the eyelashes. But before ending this article, we would like to mention again that before booking any cosmetic eyelash procedure, seek a professional and know the benefits and side effects of these procedures. And don’t forget to share your medical history in case these cosmetic treatments turn drastic for you.


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