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First e-commerce university in Pakistan

The federal government has decided to establish the country’s first e-commerce university, Senator Aon Abbas Buppi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for e-commerce, said.

Speaking to the media after presiding over the National Symposium on Electronic Commerce hosted by the Department of Commerce on Thursday. Senator Aon Abbas said the federal government will soon lay the foundation for the university.

He added that the university is honing the skills of the country’s e-commerce merchants. Which will enable them to participate in not only the national but also the international market.

The Institute will also create employment opportunities for young people. Who represents the majority of the country’s e-commerce participants, and provides them with an enabling environment that will make Pakistan an outstanding player in the global e-commerce market.

It will also help boost the country’s exports. Ultimately leading to a stronger Pakistani economy.

In addition, Senator Aun Abbas said that the federal government is also planning to launch the country’s first e-commerce web portal to curb illegal e-commerce trade in Pakistan.

First E-Commerce university in Pakistan

The portal will be developed by the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with Chinese multinational technology company Alibaba.

He added that Pakistan’s total e-commerce volume is $ 4.5 billion. And the federal government has taken a series of tough measures to boost the country’s trade volume to $ 9 billion by June 2023.

In the end, Senator Aon Abbas convinced e-commerce merchants that the federal government would solve all issues related to finance, taxation, logistics, and ease of doing business.

Pakistanis are having great interest in E-Commerce and online working

According to a report, about 64% of Pakistan’s population is 29 years of age or younger. That means the country will be young for at least 30 years. The youth of Pakistan are very happy to incorporate technology in a way that the older generation will never do. People expect the promotion and regulation of e-commerce and online shopping in Pakistan to be more pronounced so as to provide employment opportunities to 130 million people in the next 30 years.

With the development of digital financial services practice alone. Pakistan could increase GDP to $ 36 billion, and create four million jobs by 2025.

During the last 20 years, Pakistan has developed effective communication and information sector. Which has helped to expand the telecommunication services industry by expanding the transmitting division.

The collection of stores for online shoppers, local e-commerce platforms, and online shopping in Pakistan has increased. Banks and leading mobile phone service providers in Pakistan are now offering online payment services. In addition, the speed of Internet users and subscribers has also increased.

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