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Face Recognition Attendance Systems: 15 reasons to make use of it for employees


Facial Recognition Attendance Systems have become increasingly sought-after since they’re the most practical option currently in the market to allow employee attendance to be completely non-contact. There are other types of biometric identification systems, such as fingerprints, which can establish the individual’s identity using contact. At the same time, face recognition attendance systemscan be an utterly touch less method of identifying employees and visitors. Touch less technology is a powerful safeguard in today’s environment as they permit the secure and efficient circulation of people in and out. A facial recognition system automatically recognizes and validates a person’s identity and then marks their attendance based on facial recognition.

Face Recognition Attendance Systems: 15 reasons to make use of it for employees

Both large and small-scale businesses are noting the attendance system that recognizes faces. It’s no surprise that these systems are being increasingly utilized in workplaces and business complexes due to the plethora of advantages for employees and employers. In this blog, we’ve discussed 15 reasons to use facial recognition systems to track attendance for employees:

Automated Time Tracking System for Automated Time Tracking

With facial recognition systems for attendance, the tracking of entry and exit can be completely automated. The advanced algorithms in the system recognize faces with no intervention from a human or physical verification. By using the facial recognition system, tracking employees’ time is easy.

A Touch-less System for Signing-In: Post Pandemic Requirement

Public spaces and workplaces are better controlled by limiting contact with people during pandemics such as Covid 19. There’s been a rise in the use and adoption of contactless technologies in the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Facial Recognition and Ageing and other changes, as well as accessories

Systems that use facial recognition do not rely on a small number of facial features. They are highly reliable and can recognize the face from various angles. They can identify the presence or absence of facial masks and can identify individuals without taking off the mask or altering facial features, such as the beard or the details.

Viability using Cloud

A face recognition system for attendance is a cloud-based and touchless attendance management program. The entire staff attendance record and other information are kept on the cloud, behind firewalls. HR can access this information in real time and can download employee files directly from cloud databases at any moment. In addition, it provides remote control of data.

App for tracking attendance in real-time

There is also the option of face recognition software that allows employees to track their attendance via tablet or mobile. The app can contain multiple interfaces, such as face recognition, QR code blue tooth, biometrics for phones and a button within the application. Employees are also able to record their attendance by pressing the button. When the button is pressed, the real-time attendance report is generated automatically to the individual based on the employee’s geographical location.

Reduces manual effort

Because the whole process has been fully automated, the human intervention required is negligible. Therefore there is no need for additional staff to perform this task manually. This reduces costs while improving operational efficiency.

Accurate and error-free

The accuracy of data is the most important aspect of the systems. The most frequent issue for organizations is managing time and monitoring the time of arrival and the departments of every employee. Therefore, this system helps by maintaining accurate attendance and time. Face recognition-based attendance systems produce more precise and error-free reports as the tracking process is in real-time.

Simplifies payroll

Employee attendance data is automatically integrated into the computer system. This makes it simple to access information at any time and calculate a salary based on attendance. Calculating wages (bonuses) is based on the schedule, working hours, and hourly calculations, and late clocking and early departures can easily be calculated to calculate pay.

Possibility of deployment on-premises

While an attendance system that recognizes faces is usually a cloud-based time control system, it could also be effective in an on-premises deployment. Specific organizations are very particular about storing their information on their own servers. These organizations tend to stay their data off cloud storage even though the cloud, mobile and the internet have been the trend of our time. An attendance system that recognizes faces is a viable option for the deployment of on-premises systems too.

No more buddy punches

It is among the most frequently committed workplace ethics violations to engage in the crime of committing fraud on time at work. Although the majority of workers are honest, there is a chance that buddy punching is not ruled out. A system of attendance that utilizes face recognition will eliminate this type of time fraud and unfairness against honest employees. Not only will you record attendance, but you’ll also keep track of employees’ time of entry and exit.

Save money by using the face recognition system for attendance.

The facial recognition application can monitor time and attendance via mobile devices. This means that no additional hardware is needed for implementing an attendance system based on facial recognition, which means there is no cost for maintenance. In comparison to other biometric solutions, this is efficient and cost-effective. Since the information collected from the facial recognition system for employee attendance is current, precise, and reliable, the savings in cost are much more significant.

Smart integration

Integrating a face recognition system with a different payroll or HRMS is simple. This is done via API sharing. The designs can be modular and highly adaptable, so you can alter how timeouts are displayed and dates to be more compatible with the other software in your business. You can also change timestamps to match the location of your office, allowing you to use the software worldwide with no extra needs. Organizations with geographically dispersed offices can set up an attendance system that uses GPS to keep track of attendance across every office.


One of the significant benefits that come with one of the main benefits offered by the Facial Recognition System is the enhanced authenticity and security that it provides. If facial recognition technologies are placed within the company’s premises, it is easier to identify authorised employees and allows access only to those who are authorized.

Ability to grow

You can utilize the facial recognition application depending on the needs of your workplace. It is highly flexible through this application allows you to select the right system by your requirements and is easily upgraded.

Work on the go

It doesn’t require any additional configuration. Employees on the move can utilize tablets or mobile phones to keep track of attendance by recording time and place stamps using a face recognition application. Employers can also enable geo-fencing, which allows employees to record attendance only in permitted zones.

Attendance management systems aren’t going to look the same. Biometric attendance systems using fingerprints are being replaced more often by touch less facial recognition technologies.


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