London: Pakistan Cricket Council’s efforts are crowned with success. The English Cricket Board, ECB has apologized and come to Pakistan.

The decision of the New Zealand cricket team to suddenly cancel the Pakistan tour and return was a source of great disappointment for cricket fans, while their frustration was further exacerbated when England canceled the Pakistan tour.

ECB has apologized and come to Pakistan

Sources said that 9 days after the Pakistani tour was canceled, the chairman of the England Cricket Council, Ian Watmore, apologized.

The English Council has apologized and said they will travel to Pakistan for the entire tour next year, and England will travel to Pakistan next year to play three test matches and five ODIs.

Ian Watmore says the decision not to go to Pakistan was very difficult, but on the advice of security experts, he decided not to send a team to Pakistan. However, the departure of the New Zealand cricket team from Pakistan also prompted this decision.

He said he apologized to everyone who showed their heart for not going to Pakistan for the England cricket team.

ECB has apologized and come to Pakistan

The British Cricket Council said that the English Cricket Council needed to re-establish its relationship with Pakistan and was very grateful to Pakistan for coming to England last year.

It should be recalled that the Pakistan-New Zealand ODI series was scheduled to take place at Rawalpindi Stadium from September 17, but was canceled due to New Zealand’s sudden refusal and decision to return, while England also canceled the Pakistan tour on September 20.

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