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Decision about board exams

Decision about board exams 2021 makes students unhappy.

Education ministers across Pakistan have ruled out the possibility of promoting students without exams and have decided to start matriculation and intermediate exams after June 20. However, the provincial boards will decide on the final schedule of examinations. While the decision has killed students’ desire to pass without an exam, it has also affected university admissions across the country.

Although most universities offer admissions on a first-year basis, education experts say that “admissions on this basis are so strict that only a limited number of students can afford admission.” According to the schedules so far regarding the intermediate examinations, the intermediate papers in Punjab will start from July 2, while the result of Inter Part Two will be released on September 14.

Intermediate examinations in Sindh will start from July 28 and in KPK from June 17. In Balochistan, the schedule for May 25 has been canceled and examinations have been postponed and a new schedule has not been issued yet.

In addition to the Intermediate Part Two ie FA, FSC, ICS and iCom, delays in the A Level Part Two examinations have also affected admissions to the BS program in universities across Pakistan.
Not only this, despite the demand of the students, not only the promotion has been given without examinations but also the condition of entrance test in big universities has not been exempted, which has further increased the worries of students and their parents.
The students are of the view that “take online classes throughout the year, the course has not been completed and they have not been able to prepare due to frequent changes in the schedule of board examinations and admission to universities from above will also be delayed.”

Decision about board exams 2021 makes students unhappy

Universities that have decided to admit on the basis of first year results and entrance test are required to complete the Intermediate or A Level Part Two examination before completing the first semester with the required marks or grades as per the required criteria of the university. Have to pass.

In this regard, educationist Farheen Mahmood while talking to Urdu News said that there is confusion regarding admission in universities. Universities are offering admissions but the double burden of semesters and examinations will be on the heads of the students.
If a student does not get as many grades as the universities demand, both his time and his parents’ money will be wasted because in that case his admission will be canceled.
Some universities started collecting fees for entrance tests or CAD and then stopped it,” he said. This also created confusion and uncertainty among the students. ‘
Farheen Mehmood further said that ‘while the Ministry of Education is announcing to conduct the examinations, instructions should be issued to the universities to also announce a clear strategy regarding the students. ‘
On the other hand, the parents of the students are also worried about the current situation and are quite sympathetic to their children.
The university’s position is that 11th is the entry to the results of . This is so that students’ academic time is not wasted. For this they have to work a little harder which is necessary for their future.
In this regard, the spokesperson of Quaid-e-Azam University told Urdu News that “Quaid-e-Azam University enrolls about 2200 to 2500 students in BS program every year. Due to Corona, students were also admitted on a first-year basis last year. There is a strong possibility that the Admissions Committee will continue with last year’s policy due to the code this year as well. ‘

Lahore University of Management Sciences has clarified that students who meet the criteria set by the university will be given conditional admission. But they have to continue university classes and A-level examinations together. Students who do not get the required grades in A Level Part Two examinations will have to leave the university.

update= only elective subject exam will be taken this year

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