A case of murder of 9 people has come to light in the Sadiqabad Chowk Mahi area of Rahim Yar Khan.

According to details, a case of murder of 9 people came to light in the Sadiqabad Chowk. Mahi area of Rahim Yar Khan where notorious dacoit Tanveer Andhar released his video statement.

According to sources, dacoit Tanveer Andhar said in his video statement that we killed 9 people. but we did not kill them for extortion.

Case of 9 People Killed

“These people were involved in killing seven people. Including my five brothers, in a police encounter, so we killed nine of them in retaliation,” said dacoit Tanveer Andhar.

Dacoit Tanveer Andhar said that these people paid money to the police and killed our people. and after killing our people, a celebration was held at the same pump.

In his video statement, dacoit Tanveer Andhar further said that we had enmity with the people. for which we took revenge while we will kill 9 more of them.

DPO Rahim Yar Khan Transferred after this Case

DPO Rahim Yar Khan Asad Sarfraz has been transferred in protest. after the killing of nine people in the Sadiqabad area of Rahim Yar Khan.

Asad Sarfraz

There was a strike and protest in the Sadiqabad area in Rahim Yar Khan. over the killing of nine people by Andhr. DPO Rahim Yar Khan Asad Sarfaraz has been transferred under pressure from protesters. Capt. (Retd) Ali Zia has been ordered to take over.

Senerio of Case Incident

On Sunday morning, armed robbers stormed shops in the Mahi Chowk area of Sadiqabad city of Rahim Yar Khan and opened fire indiscriminately. Nine people died in the incident. Local authorities said the men were killed by criminals on suspicion of non-payment. and police said the incident appeared to be the result of a long-running dispute.

The man, who was injured in the shooting. said he had no animosity toward anyone and was running his own business.

Senerio of Case Incident

Additional IG South Punjab Sadiqabad arrived at Jai Mahi Chowk to console the bereaved heirs and expressed sympathy for the bereaved families. He said the police department was ashamed of the tragedy and that the police would not sit down. until the killers were killed. An additional IG South Punjab has assured the heirs of the victims that action will be taken against the killers.

Following the announcement by Punjab Minister Usman Bazar. Inspector-General of Police South Punjab Captain (retd) Zafar Iqbal Awan suspended the DSP rally Sadiqabad Abbas Akhtar. SHO thana Kot Sabzal Safdar Sindhu, and the chief of staff.

Earlier a funeral service was held at Mahi Chowk where thousands of people attended. The victims belong to the same family.

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