Faisalabad police arrested a bank manager on the Sudhar bypass after he fired and killed a female colleague in a burnt discussion.

According to the incident, the victim, 28-year-old Aliya Javed, worked as a customs officer at The Bank of Punjab in Chak Sudhar, Faisalabad.

On Thursday evening, she fell out with Mansoor Ali, the branch’s operations manager. After which the accused opened fire on the victim.

Bank manager Killed a female colleague

The investigating officer quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the accused fired several shots at his accomplice who was about to leave the premises after exchanging words. By the time the rescue team arrived. Aliya had expired to her injuries on the spot.

After the crime, the accused tried to escape but the bank employees did not allow him to escape. Thakriwala police took the accused into their custody. And also shifted the body to the postmortem department.

Bank manager Mansoor said to the investigator officer that he was friends with the victim. Aliya Javed, who blackmailed with a video.

During the interrogation, the accused said that Aliya threatened to send the videos to his wife. And I warned her several times to don’t blackmail him.

Aliya Javed, 28 years, who worked at a bank with the defendants, was the mother of three kids, according to police.

The accused claimed that the victim was blackmailing him. On the other hand, the victim’s family has accused Mansoor of harassing her on several occasions.

Police told them that the body of the dead was handed over to her family. Following the due process of law. While additional investigations are underway against the accused.

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