Ayesha Akram Leaked Audio Recordings got viral. You can download them from the link at the last of the article.

Dozens of people at Minar-e-Pakistan have made new progress in the case of undressing a woman Tik Toker.

An alleged audiotape of Ayesha Akram and her friend Rambo has come to light. Ayesha Akram was brutally harassed and un-dressed by dozens of people in Greater Iqbal Park.

DIG Sharq Jamal Told About Audio Recordings

DIG Investigation Sharq Jamal said that the alleged audio recording was obtained from the seized Rambo’s phone. Making the phone call recording part of the case and reviewing the call.

What they were talking about in Audio Recordings?

According to the audio recording, Ayesha Akram and Rambo planned to take money from all accused to release them. They are discussing the money they could demand from them.

In the alleged audiotape, Ayesha Akram and Rambo talk to each other and say that there are 6 or 7 culprits. Ayesha tells Rambo that there are 6 culprits who have been identified.

Ayesha AKRAN-audio recordings viral

Rambo asks Tik Toker Ayesha how much money should be taken per culprit, most of them are poor, to which Ayesha replies that it is difficult for them to make Rs 5 lakh.

DIG Investigation Sharq Jamal said that Rambo is on 4 days physical remand and during this time many details of the case have come to light.

Rambo’s statement

A few days ago, the police arrested Rambo on the charges of blackmailing imposed by Ayesha Akram. While Rambo said he had not done any such thing besides Ayesha was demanding money from the accused. In his statement to the police, he accused Ayesha of everything and showed himself innocent. Not only that he also said when he tried to stop Ayesha from taking money. She blackmailed him saying if he will not help her she will send him to jail and that’s what she did.

In other recordings, Rambo has also blackmailed Ayesha that he will send her personal videos to her team. It seems like they have some fight on money. But whatever happened we do not support people who harassed the girl and nor blackmailing.


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