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Artificial rain is planned in Punjab


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To get rid of the fog, artificial rain is planned in Punjab. In this regard, Professor Munawar Sabir from Punjab University has completed preparations for artificial rain.

Experimentally, the rain will fall on the city from an airplane or balloons. Professors at Punjab University are working to create artificial clouds by adding salt and water to dry ice and turning them into the rain.

The meteorological office says artificial rain is an expensive project and that it works in areas where it doesn’t rain all year round. Prof. Munawar Sabir said it was priced at Rs.

He added, that while forests have plant in different parts of the city. to reduce air pollution, artificial rain can also be effective in combate the disaster.

Experts say the combination of fog and pollution with low temperatures. And rise humidity is degrade the environment. Thousands of people have affect by smog. And related illnesses this season.

Artificial rain (cloud seeding) or cloudy rain, artificial rain is also use to reduce the severity of hot weather. To eliminate drought, and also to reduce air pollution, dust.

In a situation of artificial rain. The aircraft sprays sodium chloride, silver iodide, and other chemicals onto clouds from 2,000 to 4,000 feet.

In addition, to spray chemicals onto clouds from artificial rain planes. Rockets can also be launch and spray from the ground. This method is mainly used in China. This means that rockets from the necessary chemicals are produce and launch into the clouds. And thus artificial rain is produce.

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