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A Wife murder her own husband

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KARACHI: There was a very shocking murder incident in Karachi. When a wife acts as asleep. After dismembering her husband’s body in Saddar. Police said the husband was killed by a woman, after which the accused was arrested. The SSP told that during an investigation of the home. The police find pieces of the victim’s body in different rooms.

After the incident. The ruthless wife threw her husband’s body parts into different rooms. Various instruments also confiscated from the woman. According to police. A case has register against the accused. And further investigations are ongoing.

The police also stated that, according to the victim’s son. The woman live with his father for 7 years. And apparently, it was also said that the accused was his second wife.

A Wife murder her own husband

According to police, no evidence of a marriage between the victim and the accused has yet been found. She fell asleep. And the instruments remove. According to police. The woman is still under the influence of alcohol. And has undergone medical treatment. Which is yet to come.

The defendant said in her initial statement that she did not get justice. So she did.

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