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A Solider’s Mother also a Solider


Words of a mother “I am proud that my son has given his life for his country. My other son is also in the army and if I have 50 sons, I will send them to the army of Pakistan.”

These are the words of the mother who sacrificed her young son a few days ago for the integrity of Pakistan. Lieutenant Nasir Khalid’s mother is not only the mother of an army officer but also the widow of a police officer. Good luck to this mother. Standing exhausted in grief, this mother is not complaining about this state or the nation.

Only 23-year-old Lieutenant Nasir Khalid came to work in North Waziristan. Nasser’s mother has only one thing left and that is her pride. This mother has given her blood to this earth. The mother sent her son on duty while he was in uniform but received his son wrapped in a flag. How much encouragement is needed for this?

The courage of a Mother

She raised her children for the day when he became a soldier to protect the country. This mother has the courage to sacrifice her other son for Pakistan even after sacrificing her son. Are the mothers of soldiers are also soldiers? How hard are the hearts of these mothers? Or does Allah send them to this world with special encouragement, especially in advance?

Consider His Mother Once on Yourself

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. Must come Does he feel that the people of the country where he showered his son are making fun of my sacrifice?

When this mother sees this trend going on on social media, won’t she think who are these people who don’t even respect my son’s sacrifice? The people who run these trends, the people who make dozens of such slogans, to discredit and disrespect their state institutions, to ridicule them, actually snatch Nasser’s mother from her pride and dignity.

What She had left?

Nasser’s mother has sacrificed everything. She now has only proud tears. She has the self-confidence that she can say that as much as my husband and son loved the homeland and proved it by sacrificing their lives, I also love the homeland as much. But they gave great proof. That is the only thing left for them to do. She believes that by giving her son to the nation. She has saved the nation and is proven her loyalty to the homeland.

Creating Suspicion

The purpose of those who raise such slogans is to create discord in this nation, to make the nations living in this country fight among themselves, and to create suspicion. Pathan Punjabi, Shia Sunni riots. These slogans do not just sit still. There is a statement behind these slogans and we need to understand this statement.

Soldiers like Nasir must have worn uniforms, but their parents, siblings, wives, and children did not wear uniforms, nor are they all soldiers. They are all civilians. They are among us who don’t wear uniforms and they are also among us who send these young men in uniform to the army. Not all of these people came from outside. This is one of us.

A Solider's Mother also a Solider

Afghan’s Refugees Bought Civil War

Afghanistan became the center of the US war after 9/11 against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Since Pakistan is geographically connected to Afghanistan, once again about 1.5 to 2 million people have migrated and taken refuge in Pakistan’s tribal areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Even before that, in the Soviet invasion of 1979, three to three and a half million Afghan refugees had come to Pakistan. A large number of them stayed here.

It is important to understand how this affected the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the tribal area, its values, its mood, its society, and how the situation inside Afghanistan destabilized Pakistan’s border areas. Or a civil war in our area.

Initially, there was resistance among the tribesmen against the Musharraf government. Pakistan’s support for the United States, but the international situation was such that we had no choice but to support the United States. This resistance led to civil war. But it did not end there.

Old Enemies

Pakistan’s old enemies in the region, namely India and its agencies, took advantage of it after 9/11 and inflamed the ethnic fault lines inside Pakistan that were unsettled political issues that were not resolved. Played together, As a result, we saw insurgency in FATA, Swat, Balochistan, Karachi, Peshawar, etc.

The whole of Pakistan remained in a state of extreme instability and hegemony for ten to twelve years after 9/11. While divisions based on linguistics and nationality were encouraged in Pakistan, sectarianism in Pakistan was also prolonged. Different sects fought among themselves.

Those who are chanting these slogans today are saying that Pakistan is being destroyed from within. And this statement about Pakistan was spread all over the world. This was the war that Pakistan’s national security agencies, paramilitary, and intelligence agencies launched to fight. Pakistan’s political parties and the media also sided with him.

About 100,000 Pakistani civilians, soldiers, police, and paramilitary personnel have been killed or seriously injured in the war so far. Fighting the scourge also costs about 3,123 billion.

After September 16, a new enthusiasm arose in this nation to fight this war together with its forces. Karachi, where corpses lay for three days, more than a hundred people were killed in three days, today we are so satisfied that we are talking about other issues of the city such as sanitation and sewers. They have been able to focus on how to improve the drainage system, how to create jobs.

These slogans seem to be part of the same 5th gen warfare that India, Pakistan’s traditional enemy, used, spent its assets in Pakistan, waged a rhetorical war inside Pakistan aimed at dividing the nation. , Spread an atmosphere of instability and despair.

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