The famous comedian and actor, who went abroad for treatment and bought an apartment from the wife of actor Omar Sharif, reached the city court. A man who bought an flat from Zarin Ghazal, went to court and asked to become a participant in this case.

According to the applicant, he bought an apartment from Umar Sharif’s wife Zarin Ghazal for Rs 4.5 crore and the transfer of the apartment was completed in the presence of Umar Sharif, but despite this Omar Sharif went to court. restraining order.

A man who bought flat from Zarin Ghazal

Plaintiff Muhammad Salman applied to the court with a request to transfer the apartment to him.

On the other hand, Omar Sharif’s lawyer says that Zarin Ghazal sold the apartment using a forged gift document from Omar Sharif, challenged the sale of the apartment and a forged gift document in court.

According to lawyer Omar Sharif, the apartment was bought on credit from a bank in 2016. During Omar Sharif’s illness, his third wife registered the apartment in December 2020.

The court also extended an interim order prohibiting Zarin Ghazal from selling the apartment and sent notices to Omar Sharif, Zarin Ghazal’s wife, the sub-registrar and the Sindh government, and others, demanding a response from the parties by 21 November.

Omer Shareef and his wife Zarin Ghazal flew to the United States on an air ambulance

Actor Omar Sharif and his wife Zarin Ghazal, who flew to the United States on an air ambulance, had to spend at least four hours at a police station near Nuremberg airport while stopping in Germany.

A man who bought flat from Zarin Ghazal

The air ambulance was scheduled to form its initial stop at Nuremberg airfield in germany when departure karachi. A decision was made and the air ambulance company took Omar Sharif to Nuremberg hospital for further medical examination.

Omar Sharif’s companion in the air ambulance, his wife Zarin Ghazal, did not have a German visa, so she could not leave the airport and could not take care of her husband in the hospital.

During the prolonged visa method, Zarin Ghazal spent about four hours at a police headquarters close to Nuremberg airfield. After a long procedure, Zarin Gazal received an emergency visa from Germany and was taken to her husband’s hospital.

According to News, Zarin Ghazal said an air ambulance would take Omar Sharif to his next destination on Wednesday morning.

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