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3 New flights to Pakistan soon

3 New flights to Pakistan soon. Three new airlines have requested CAA staff to submit full-time Public Transport (RPT) licenses to start aviation operations in Pakistan.

3 New flights to Pakistan soon

Q-Flight, Fly Jinnah, and Jet Green are the three aircraft that will begin domestic service in the coming months.

According to the statement, CAA has completed the investigation of Q-Airlines and Fly Jinnah where the investigation of Jet Green is near.

Upon completion of the vetting process, the CAA will send the flight attendants to the RPT to apply for a permit and submit it to the Federal Cabinet for final approval.

With the addition of three new aircraft, the number of private jets operating in Pakistan will increase to six.

Airblue, SereneAir and AirSial are the three independent airlines currently operating in Pakistan while PIA is the flagship carrier and is the largest and oldest airline in Pakistan.

Note that according to CAA rules, it is mandatory for a new airline to build a domestic aircraft for a minimum of one year and three aircraft before you qualify for international service.

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